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A "Sweeney Todd" stamping community.

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All Members , Moderated
A stamping community based on the movie/musical Sweeney Todd

This is the stamping community dedicated to Sweeney Todd. Anyone is welcome to join, friend, and be stamped. All affiliates are also welcome. I also warn you that this community has spoilers, so if you have not seen the play or the movie, do not come any farther.

# Please remember to vote. It’s what keeps a community active. For quick and easy voting for you, I created a "needs votes" tag.
# You do not have to, but it would be nice if you would promote this community.
# Concerning restamping: You may be restamped ONCE, after waiting a week after recieving your original stamp. You may choose to keep your original stamp after restamping, or not.
# Please bold your votes. It helps poor sweetnessarose’s eyes.
# Please be kind to everyone applying. Anyone being rude will suffer the consequences, and will be offered to the stamped Sweeneys for shaving practice. ;)
# I will stamp you after you’ve had 7 votes… or 2 weeks. Whichever comes first. REMEMBER TO VOTE ON OTHER PEOPLE'S.
# Please take your time in filling out your survey. Answers with plenty of detail bring about more accurate stamps. Be selfish and really fill it out!
# You MUST post an lj cut in your application. Otherwise your mods will get VERY angry.
# Anyone caught pushing for a character will be thrown into the oven by the Mrs. Lovetts and cooked at a very nice 350 degrees. If you've been oven'd, reapply after a day and be more truthful. It takes two or more votes of oven to be stamped.
# If you recieve an oven vote, you can NOT be rude to the voter. It is a personal opinion.
# Because Photobucket limits your bandwith, please upload your stamps onto your own server. This is to make sure they keep working for everyone!
# If someone submits an application that does not follow the rules (example: not the correct subject, not behind cut) do NOT vote for them.
# To prove that you have read the rules, please put “I want you, bleeders” in the subject.

Sweeney Todd
Mrs. Lovett
Judge Turpin
Anthony Hope
Tobias Ragg
Beadle Bamford
Adolfo Pirelli
The Oven

Once you are stamped with your regular stamp, you are able to apply for these themes.
Matchmaker Theme: Here!
Mirror Theme: Here!
Song Theme: Here!.
Version Theme: Here!
Costume Theme: Here!
Love Child Theme: Here!

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hagaren_rating || depp_facing || depp_rating
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herc_stamps || miyazaki_stamps || moomin_stamp
matrix_stamping || depp_stamps

Want to affiliate? Just let sweetnessarose know; please ask here!!

Stamps: ostentatious
Layout: Codes: snubbly Header/Additional Codes: ostentatious
Userinfo Banners: ostentatious

sweetnessarose: stamped as Johanna
cherryice578437: stamped as Mrs Lovett
italyatmidnight: stamped as Lucy